About – Apostle Nadine Manning

Apostle Nadine Manning was born and raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She started teaching on the Prophetic in Warfare at a local bible college in 2000 immediately after graduating from Jamaica Open Bible Institute in Jamaica. A former member of Remnant Ministries International in Jamaica. She travelled with this group hosting revival meetings and prayer meetings with testimonies and miracles insurmountable through the prophetic decrees and declaration made under the unction of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Nadine has a proven track record of making prophetic decrees over people’s life with evidence of blind eyes opening up, uterus/womb healed. The Kingdom Ambassadors and partners of this dynamic ministry were birthed  out by her powerful decrees and declaration in intercession and revelation by the Holy Spirit. Not to mention, the supernatural manifestation of the prophetic and apostolic anointing on her life

Prophetic in Warfare Deliverance and Worship Tabernacle was formally established in March 2011 as a non-profit/non-denominational organization.  Apostle Nadine and Pastor Richard Manning successfully launched in Millville, New Jersey on June 05, 2011 to teach you the unadulterated Word of the Lord.

Moreover, to increase your knowledge as it relates to the Prophetic Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance and Worship.

Through this blog the mission is to teach, inspire, educate you on The Prophetic in Warfare through prayers, intercession, worship and prophetic declarations.

Apostle Nadine Manning

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