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The Spirit that Conquers

Even though the fight against you is coming from all angles and seems more than you can number. Yes, the threats, opposition, and disappointments seem more than you can take or handle. At times it appears to be overwhelming.

Romans 8:37 says:- “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” “In all these things” you are confronting you are more than a conqueror. According to 2 Kings 16:5 that you have been besieged but not be conquered. In context to scripture, many forces joined against Ahaz to get him to surrender to their alliances, but he partners with the very one Israel and Aram was trying to oppose to get him to join them in strengthening their alliance against the King of Syria. Instead, he cry out for help from the King of Assyria. The intention of Israel and Aram army was for Ahaz, King of Judah to join their revolt against Assyria, by doing thins strengthen their western alliance.

I expound on this to say, their are many enemy forces joining arms together to get you to give up, give in, join their weak, religious side of thinking and warped mentality!

But you have been besieged but not conquered. Besiege means you have been “beset, surrounded with armed forces, for the purpose of compelling to surrender or to lay to siege.

I decree and declare that whatever the enemy thought was working against you, the word of the Lord came to me on Yesterday, August 20, 2013, “EXPECT THE SUDDENLIES OF GOD NOW”!

This is the season of “DIVINE INTERVENTION” and God is raising up new alliances, new methods and strategies to help, support and sustain you. Your destiny is in view and your level of warfare indicates the level of anointing you carry and destiny.

You have the Spirit that conquers, all the opposition, setbacks, attacks does is push you closer to God, and deeper in the realm of the spirit. Understand we are victorious and we are more than conquerors through Christ.

Therefore, the deeper our walk with the Lord, the more victories we will encounter and the magnitude of the breakthrough, blessings and anointing will be greater than the last victory won.

Same devil different tactics, but the pressure, trials and disappointments push you into a greater revelation of God’s glory and as a result greater the victories.

I have been besieged but not conquered in Jesus name! I have the Spirit that conquers and more than conquerors through Jesus Christ.